The Green Concept seeks to fulfill the demand for an improved approach to better living and a cleaner environment. We collectively work with a network of engineers and scientists, through education, research, and demonstration to meet and exceed those demands.

With our 100% natural nano-photocatalytic surface coatings and breakthrough application process we will provide significant benefits to your structure (residential or commercial) and its inhabitants through:

  • Self cleaning surfaces
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Odor elimination
  • Significant savings in energy and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in smog, pollution, and bio- buildup

The Green Concept is dedicated to helping our clients maintain a healthy, clean, and safe environment.

Did You Know?

Titanium Dioxide Coating products can be applied to virtually any surface, including buildings, signs, solar panels, sidewalks, outdoor furniture, holding tanks, boats, and planes.

Annual Savings

"UVPCO air cleaner for gaseous contaminants may be beneficial for the large-scale treatment of air in occupied buildings and may ultimately allow for a 50% reduction of Outside Air supply in offices and other buildings as an energy conservation measure" according to a September 2005 report on UV PCO for Indoor Air Applications issued by the Indoor Environment Department of the E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

TiO2 is Safe

The European Science Commission on Cosmetics and Food Products has found TiO2 to be safe in all forms (micronized and nanosized, active and inactive) for human use and consumption.
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